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Defense Against Defective Products

Every year people are injured or killed by household products, industrial machines, toys, foods, and other products that are defective or dangerous. When someone has been injured as the result of a defective product, the law provides that the manufacturer, wholesaler, and retailer of that product are responsible to compensate the injured party for all injuries, damages, and loss caused by the defect.

• Your injury

• Your pain and suffering

• Your medical bills (past and future)

• Your lost wages and income (past and future)

• Your spouse’s loss of consortium

• The damage to your property (cost of repair and total value)

• Any other out-of-pocket loss that resulted from the accident

You can be compensated for:

• Family members for loss of financial support, society, companionship    and other emotional damage

• Pain and suffering of the deceased person (the “Survival Claim”)

• Medical bills

• Funeral bills

• Lost wages and income (past and future)

• Any other out-of-pocket loss that resulted from the accident.

Compensation in wrongful death cases include:


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